They don't know how, and they don't know why. They are coming up with an alibi as we speak.

On Monday (March 5, 2018) Utah's State Bar sent an email to all of the state's attorneys inviting them to/reminding them of an upcoming event. That email also featured a picture that was NOT safe for work. 


La de da, there they were..working hard for their clients on a Monday afternoon when all of the lawyers attached to the Utah State Bar received an email blast from them.  Just a quick invite/reminder about the spring convention coming up, and..... OMG.

Attached to the harmless reminder/email was a picture of a topless woman's breasts. 

Oh, dear.

According to Newsweek, the email was created in-house by the state bar, and they are investigating how the picture got attached.

I wonder how many billable hours will be used investigating what I've dubbed 'The Invitation to Porn' email?

Get more details on the story (no pictures there, either) from Newsweek.

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