It has a great name—The Great Aardvark Embark! A hot air balloon launch, as part of AIMS’ year-long 50th anniversary celebration! It should be great weather, so you should be there!

Colorful hot air balloon fly over the blue sea

I always dislike missing a hot air balloon launch. I’ll see just one hot air balloon up in the sky and think, ‘Bummer, I missed its launch!’ That’s why I’m giving you the heads up to head-out to the Great Aardvark Embark at AIMS on Saturday, September 9, 2017.

AIMS Community College's mascot is Arty the Aardvark. I’m not sure if Arty will be at the event, held at the AIMS Greeley campus (specifically the field north of the Cornerstone Building); but the Great Aardvark Embark will have at least four, possibly as many as 12, hot air balloons from the Colorado Balloon Club.

The pilots will start getting things set up at around 6:30 a.m. that morning, answering questions from the public while they do so- a great learning opportunity for the kids- and then they’ll EMBARK on the day’s adventure!

AIMS will be providing free breakfast burritos for the first 200 people that attend (with more available for purchase) and free coffee!  It might be a little chilly, but what a beautiful morning it’ll be!

Get more information on the Great Aardvark Embark -b from AIMS Community College

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