A pit-bull was put down by the Denver Dumb Friends League after having mauled a young boy in his home. This comes after the February lifting of the pit bull ban on February 14, 2021.

Aurora had a ban on the ownership of pit bull terriers for over 15 years but lifted the ban on February 14, 2021. According to SentinalColorado.com, a family adopted a Staffordshire [pit] bull terrier from the Aurora Animal Shelter on February 27, 2021.

That dog attacked a 5-year-old boy on March 7, while the boy played a video game on the couch, biting the boy's face.

According to SentinalColorado.com, this dog was one of the first three to be adopted after the ban was lifted. The dog was put down by Denver Dumb Friends League, as that's where the family had brought the dog after the attack.

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The dog had passed a 'personality test' prior to being adopted, but the investigation report states that:

[the boy's] stepfather had to pry the dog’s locked jaws from the boy’s face

It's stories like these that put me on the fence when it comes to bull terriers. A friend of a friend has one, that I recently met, and is a great dog. Then, there's this story about a little kid getting mauled and the pit bull having to be put down.

Get more on the attack from SentinalColorado.com.


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