Adam Levine and his wife, Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo, are officially expecting their first child together, according to a report from PEOPLE.

The couple, who married in 2014 after announcing their engagement the summer before, first began dating back in June 2012. And although Prinsloo insists she’s not much of a planner — she told Net-a-Porter “I have no expectations. Not in a bad way, but I’ve learned that you can’t plan ahead. I live day by day and see what happens. It’s vague, but I like it that way” — children have always been a “definite” for her.

“I’ve always wanted a family since I was a little girl, a big family," she said in an interview with The Lowdown's Diana Madison (via Obsev). "I’m an only child so I wanted like ten kids...for sure.”

Levine -- who recently unveiled an enormous back tattoo -- has expressed similar sentiments in the past.

“We're definitely going to do it. I want to have 100 kids,” he jokingly told Ryan Seacrest in August 2014. “I want to have more kids than is socially responsible."

For those of you wondering what this may mean for the future of Levine's band Maroon 5, he addressed that back in 2014, too. Sort of.

"We want to tour, to a certain degree, forever," he said at the time. "But at which point does this start to interfere with other things in life that you want to do? There's probably a day when I'm working a lot less and enjoying my job a little more."

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