Spirit Hound Distillery, which is located in Lyons, has shifted operations from making liquor to hand sanitizer. After receiving a special shipment containing glycerin and hydrogen peroxide, Spirit Hound followed recipe from WHO to make a 48-gallon batch of hand sanitizer.

Credit: Google Maps

The hand sanitizer was made from 100 percent ethyl alcohol (which, itself, was made from corn) at 191.8 proof. Spirit Hound's hand sanitizer was then put into four-ounce spray bottles that were donated from a Lyons skin and body care company, Green Goo.

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Spirit Hound filled approximately 1,000 four-ounce bottles and numerous gallon jugs. The distillery gave out the hand sanitizer to those in need. Other distilleries in Colorado have also begun making hand sanitizer in the wake of the COVID-19 virus.

Source: Denver Post