This is a shirt with another shirt sewn to the front. It's an actual product sold by a company called Balenciaga. But, it gets only costs around $1,250! It doesn't appear the man modeling this item is real thrilled with it either.

I've had freshly washed and dried tee-shirts that had socks stuck to the front due to static cling. The were the little ankle socks that I wear in the summer. I think it looks better than this.

Folks on social media have been having fun with this. One woman was wearing what looks to be sweat pants but had a pair of blue jeans strapped around her waist with a belt. Another guy simply taped a long sleeve shirt to the front of his tee-shirt.

Look, I'm no fashion king. I am at that age that I no longer care about fashion trends and it shows. My shoes cost me $35 dollars and they're about 5 years old. I'll keep wearing them until they wear out. As for this's all yours.

SOURCE: Fox News

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