For as long as they've been rocking out icons, Fleetwood Mac has held onto their love and inspiration for the music they create. There was no question about how much they love putting on a show for an audience who loves them back during their performance on the thirty-first of January at Denver's Pepsi Center.

Ashley Haberman 2019

The band radiated an energy that didn't seem to have aged at all over the many decades Fleetwood Mac has been the iconic masterminds they are. Not a moment passed that the crowd wasn't fully engaged in sways, get downs and closed eyed sing alongs.

On a visual level, the aesthetics added a stimulating layer to the already phenomenal  experience. Smooth sailing as the background flashed imagery of shimmering gold flakes falling like snow across Stevie Nicks as she began the lyrics to Gold Dust Woman. Wild horses galloped across open spaces and a purple full moon with a pink halo beamed behind the band during Rhiannon.

Ashley Haberman 2019

A rhythmic force of nature, Percussionist Mick Fleetwood's drum solo threw down one of the most epic and primitive drum solos I've ever seen live. The energy spread like wildfire. You could actually feel each beat as Mick and the guest percussionist bounced rhythmically back and forth between each other. It was a picturesque moment of some genuine rock n roll.

When the last song was played and the band began departing backstage, the audience cheered a perpetual wave of hoots, hollers and clapping. The band didn't wait too long before gracing us with a three song encore, one of which was a tribute to the one and only Tom Petty. Slides of photographs flashed behind the band as they played Free Fallin'. The emotion was there, emanating the classic rock that still lives on as ever today. Die hard fans and a band that hasn't lost one single bit of fire in their love for performing for their fans,...priceless.