After the fire, the park and playground are off-limits with the odor of burned equipment in the air.

Village East Park was established in 2018 in the great Village East neighborhood north of the intersection of Highway 257 and Highway 392 in Windsor. When I heard that a playground had caught fire in Windsor, I had to go check it out.

Blackened, burned equipment covers about half of the park/playground after the fire that occurred the day after the 4th of July celebrations. It's easy to think that personal fireworks came into play when discussing what may have caused the fire, but an investigation is underway with little information at this time.

When I took my photos, I really didn't know that this 'chair looking' thing could have been. Having never been to the park and with the burned slide now gone, I honestly thought the park had a big chair for kids and adults to climb onto for fun.

It wasn't until I saw the 'before' images that I realized this was the top of the slide at the park. Looking at the fire damage at the park, I'm going to guess that the slide was ignited by something and that fire spread out into the playground area. A bit of the slide remains.

All I can think of is mischievous youths with some fireworks, saying 'Let's take these [fireworks] over to the park! It'll be awesome!'

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Hopefully, with many people these days having video doorbells, authorities will be able to track down the perpetrators. Anyone with information about the fire is urged to call Windsor Police at 674-6400 (Option 1.)

Village East Park Fire in Windsor


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