In mid-March, 2017, The Reporter-Herald announced that they were moving all operations to their home company’s facilities in Berthoud.  With that, there’s going to be a big empty building in Downtown Loveland. Here are five ideas of what they could do with it.

Dave Jensen, TSM

By the end of April 2017, the Reporter-Herald building at 5th and Cleveland in Downtown Loveland will be vacant. Their parent company is moving operations of the newspaper to their Berthoud facility, which is where their presses have been for a while. It makes sense to consolidate, but it will be weird to not have the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald in Loveland, right?

So, anyway, we’re going to have a big empty in Downtown. The paper’s parent company will still own the building, but what will they do with it?  Here are my five ideas!

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