Relationships are hard, that's not a secret. Here's a list of 5 tips from my experience to help you and your partner be have a better relationship.

1. Make a decision to be in love.

You have to choose your person everyday. Putting effort into your relationship and choosing them will help your relationship. Which leads to the next tip.

2. Make your significant other feel loved and secure in your love.

When you are open and express your feelings it allows your partner to do the same. This allows for a stronger line of communication and in turn a stronger relationship.

3. You're a team, act like it.

Make decisions together, big and small decisions. Compromise is also very important. Good communication helps you and your partner work in unison to make decisions and move forward together.

4. Be present.

Remembering good moments in your relationship is okay, just don't live there. Living in the moment with your significant others helps you create new favorite memories. Be present with your person and you'll be able to hear/see their needs and understand them better.

5. Don't place blame.

"I" messages are the best way to communicate when having conversations about how something your person did makes you feel and react. Example: "I feel upset when you don't invite me to do things with your friends." This takes away the 'finger pointing' process of hard conversations, and helps you have a fair line of communication.

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