The library can surprise you! Libraries are no longer a quiet place only about books. Libraries are staying current as places of knowledge, of all kinds. Our own Poudre River Public Library District is at the top. They have a very thorough and user-friendly website. This is where I first learned that they have 3D printer available for use at the location in Old Town.

While I was observing the 3D setup, a boy was printing his own cell phone case with a Batman emblem on it. I asked the 3D Printer assistant about cost. He said most items printed cost under $5. It all depends on how much filament the 3D image requires. There are ready made designs you can use, or you can use software to create your own item. It's all available on the library website.

A quick search on for 3d printables turned up necklaces, wine glass holders, vases, stamps, custom made heads for your Lego figures and tons more. Clearly this is a super detailed world to explore. Kudos to the Poudre River Libraries for bringing this access to so many people. Time to get your library card, which is free by the way.

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