With October being the month for ghosts, and Halloween right around the corner, some of us may be binge watching the show Ghost Hunters over the next 30 days.

With this being the last season for the hit show on the Syfy Network, it made us think about the times the show has visited the state of Colorado. Even with all the stories concerning the different haunts throughout the state, the team from Ghost Hunters has only visited here three times.

Which locations have Jason, Grant, and the entire TAPS team visited over the time span that the show has been on cable television? Well one location you probably already know about, while the other two should be added to the list of stops you need to make if you are into the paranormal.

Check out these locations and let us know if you have ever visited any of them. When you were there, did you experience any different haunts? What other locations should Ghost Hunters have visited in Colorado during the run of the hit television show?



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    The Stanley Hotel - Estes Park

    The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park has been visited multiple times by the team at Ghost Hunters, and there is a good reason for that. The team has experienced everything in the Stanley Hotel including hearing music surrounding a piano and cold air rushing into a room even though no windows were open in the room. One startling find the team had when at the Stanley Hotel was that they could hear children playing in the hotel, even though no children were checked in on the night of the exploration. Since the original ghost hunt through the Stanley Hotel, the team has always said that the hotel has a place in their hearts, and they would be back whenever they were needed.

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    Briarhurst Manor - Manitou Springs

    Briarhurst Manor in Manitou Springs was investigated by the team at TAPS back in season five, and they all confirmed that the manor is haunted. From being interrupted by female voices that don't belong to anyone on the team, along with hearing the floorboards in the attic creek (even though no one is up there), the team heard and saw everything they needed to confirm the haunts.

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    Buffalo Bill Museum - Golden

    In season five of Ghost Hunters, they also made their way to the Buffalo Bill Museum in Golden. This was an odd investigation, as they couldn't come to a definitely conclusion due to the fact of all the electrical towers throughout the area. Since they would continuously get EMF readings from these towers, there was no way of confirming everything but they did say they would make a trip back. As a note, people who are sensitive to high EMF readings can sense paranoia and discomfort which could've lead people in the the museum to think it was haunted.

    Credit: Google