It's the most wonderful time of the year...the time where we're celebrating one Fort Collins brewery every day in December! Welcome to the 25 Beers of Christmas.

If you're a purist, you'll love Prost⁠. Prost Brewing features beers that adhere to the German purity law, A.K.A. 'reinheitsgebot' (say that five times fast) where breweries are only allowed to use water, barley, and hops in their beer production. With this in mind and the colder weather rolling into Northern Colorado, Prost's Doppelbock was born.

Prost Brewing Fort Collins

According to taproom manager Clancy, "our Doppelbock is THE bier for these cold winter days and nights! Its strength is masked by the chocolate and fruit notes that will make you forget that you're drinking an 8.6% bier!"

You had me at chocolate. 

Head into Prost⁠— and don't forget to bring the pup along, too⁠— for a great, German-style ale.