It's the most wonderful time of the year...the time where we're celebrating one Fort Collins brewery every day in December! Welcome to the 25 Beers of Christmas.

Today, we celebrate a Fort Collins classic...what is referred to as the GOAT of sour beer: La Folie by New Belgium!

New Belgium Brewing Company

La Folie has been produced for almost 22 years and if you don't know its origin story, it helped put sour beer on the map in the craft beer industry. It's dark, sweet, and sour, featuring notes of currant and dried cherry brought out by the masterful aging process, which happens in those famous New Belgium foeders for one to three years.

La Folie (which is French for 'The Folly') is an adventure for any seasoned beer drinker, so head into the taproom and grab a glass this holiday season, or find it near you right here.