It's the most wonderful time of the year...the time where we're celebrating one Fort Collins brewery every day in December! Welcome to the 25 Beers of Christmas.

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...Jessup Farm Barrel House's Transfer Day IPA! This NoCo-ast IPA is all about bringing people — and coastal IPA styles — together, which is just the thing we need this holiday season.

Jessup Farm Barrel House

Transfer Day IPA is juicy and aromatic but balanced and bitter. It's unfiltered but not hazy, making it the perfect east coast meets west coast brew. Jessup Farm is known for their barrel aged beers but argues that "everyone needs a good, classic IPA in their lives," and we couldn't agree more.

Why is it called Transfer Day? According to Jacky Wilson from the brewery:

On the days we make Transfer Day IPA, it's exactly that—a transfer day– where we simply move the beer from the fermenter to the brite tank. None of the extra barrel work involved. It's a more simple day; a day where we have a little extra time to enjoy a beer or two – barrel-aged or not. Come in and see what all the lack-of-fuss is about.

Lack of fuss this holiday season? Cheers to that.