"Back to the Future" was one of the biggest movies of the '80's and is still loved today. One of the stars of the film, was the DeLorean. Every year Totally 80's celebrates both.

The movie was magical, the car legendary. Luckily for us all, the producers opted out of their first idea of having a 'time traveling refrigerator.' A futuristic-looking vehicle was the much wiser choice.

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The owner of Totally 80's Pizza received the above letter from John DeLorean himself, back in 1996. John, to me, has always seemed like a decent, though flawed, human. It was very nice of him to send that letter.

September 18, 2022 was Totally 80's Pizza's "DeLoreans/Back tot Future Day" at their new location at Drake and Shields in Fort Collins; this was just the second event at the new spot. The event ran from Noon-3 p.m. that afternoon on the last Sunday of summer. When I stopped over to check things out, there were five of the classic DeLoreans with about two dozen onlookers, like myself, ogling the cars and getting pictures.

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The DeLorean Motor Company, which began making their iconic car in 1981, only made about 9,000 of them before filing for bankruptcy in 1982. The 1985 blockbuster helped the car to have cult-like following, which continues nearly 40 years later.

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Totally 80's Pizza takes a lot pride in all the great '80's memorabilia that they have, and how they celebrate all things '80's. At Totally 80's 2022 event, there were a lot of DeLorean fans, and "Back to the Future" fans, including one movie fan who had the best costume.

2022 DeLoreans Day at Totally 80's Pizza in Fort Collins

September 18, 2022, was Totally 80's Pizza's "DeLoreans/Back tot Future Day" at their new location at Drake and Shields in Fort Collins.

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