It's two weeks of $25 dinner deals in Downtown Fort Collins and the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Food Bank for Larimer County!

2018's Great Plates raised over $100,000 for the Food Bank for Larimer County; this year could see over $150,000!

From March 1  through March 14, over 35 restaurants in and around Downtown Fort Collins will be participating this year. How Great Plates works: The restaurants will be providing special $25 dining options- saving YOU a LOT of money. After your meal, you'll get an envelope to make a donation to the Food Bank for Larimer County. You would have spent a lot more for dinner, so why NOT help out the food bank?

From Austin's to Welsh Rabbit Bistro, you'll have plenty of dining options for those two weeks!

Of course, every $1 you donate, is $5 worth of buying power for the Food Bank for Larimer County! So dine big, and give big!

Get more information, including the full list of restaurants, HERE!

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