Negotiations between both sides broke down on Thursday night. What happens if they do indeed go on strike?

There are 109 King Soopers or City Market stores across Colorado. The workers at those stores are represented by the UFCW Local 7 union, who've been in talks for a new contract with Kings/City Market since December.

They had one final round of negotiations on Thursday night (March 7, 2019), and things did NOT seem to go well. Denver 7 has the story on how the union claims that King Soopers/City Market walked out on the session with no agreement.

The union is pretty fired up. KKTV out of Colorado Springs reports that the union will most likely call for a vote to strike within the next two weeks. King Soopers/City Market is also fired up, saying that the union is putting them in a bad light by not stating the facts, clearly.

I just wonder what the heck happens if the 12,000 workers DO go on strike?

Get more on the contract negotiations, or lack thereof, from Denver 7 here.

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