Hot cocoa? Check. Snuggled in a cuddly blanket on the couch while wearing fluffy slippers? Check. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Double check. Murder? ... Uh, what????!

Yea, they're out there - holiday murder mysteries, sugarplums, and scandal all wrapped up in one little book (or 200 because, holy cow there are a LOT of weird books out there). I came across a couple at Barnes & Noble called Ho-Ho-Homicide and The Wurst Is Yet to Come (it has an adorable little wiener dog on the cover) and decided to look into some of the other holiday murder mysteries out there.

So here they are. *drum roll*

If you love puns and insane story plots, you'll want to add these 10 weird holiday murder mysteries to your reading list this season.

Books above sold by eBay users grandeagleretail, books-squared, moviemars-books, thrift.books, roytan2012, shoppingmadeeasy2, and waddlebooks. Quick synopsis help came from Barnes & Noble.