Most of us have some sort of perks when it comes to our jobs or careers. That may even be why you started working there in the first place. Then you see these perks and you think wow.

As Thrillist reported, it's great to have a job or career, however you may look at it, but does it come with all the perks that leave others jealous?

Check these out and then answer that question for yourself:

  • Google - Mutliple arcades, bowling alleys, free fancy food and list goes on and on.
  • S.C. Johnson - You know the "Family" company, yeah they offer a concierge service, you need a car tune-up or fridge stocked? They have a guy for that.
  • World Wildlife Fund - With Panda Fridays, the office closes down every other Friday.
  • Ben & Jerry's - You either are going to love ice cream or be giving it away to everyone with three free pints a day.
  • Pandora - In-Office concerts. Hey on your lunch your are going to have a national recording artist serenade you. You are welcome.
  • Netflix - One full year of parental leave, oh and a dog-friendly workplace.
  • Dropbox - The "Jam Room." If you are musically inclined, get your groove on with guitars, amps and more for a break.
  • AOL - Wait, they are still in business? Guess so, as they offer nap pods to their staff.
  • Facebook - Barbershops and go to the doc. Yes, you can go the doctor.
  • Burton Snowboards - If it snows more than two feet in 24 hours, hit the slopes!

You can check out a few more perks that you never knew you needed here.

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