It must have been quite a project, narrowing down the list of things made in Colorado to ten that stand out as the 'Coolest.'

By the end of October, 2022, we'll definitely know who is making the 'Coolest' thing here in Colorado. The list of the ten nominees is an interesting one, as it should be.


I hope the award looks "cool," for whichever company walks away with this first-ever contest being held by the Colorado Chamber of Commerce. Denver Gazette reports that the nomination period for the contest began in August, with the award luncheon happening on October 20, 2022.

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To be nominated to become a finalist, the company didn't necessarily have to be based in Colorado, but did have to be making products in the state. Of the 10 nominated to be "Coolest," only one or two were only manufacturing in Colorado; the rest are doing it all in the Centennial State. Denver Gazette states that over $25 billion comes into the state's economy from all the manufacturing that's done here.

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Two of the items have to do with alcohol, two are medical-related, one has to do with hemp (so Colorado), while others are about safety and helping people secure water. Thousands of hours of creativity and man-power have gone into the products, but only one will be deemed the 'Coolest.'


Being that it's the Chambers first year of the evet, I would expect that the 2023 list of nominees will be much harder to get down to only 10. Let's take a look at this year's nominees for being 'Cool.'

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