Queen are one of the most influential bands in rock history. Their mark can be seen on countless modern acts, both in rock and pop. It can be argued, though, that these 10 bands went through or are still gong through a Queen phase.

My Chemical Romance began on the emo scene, making simple and catchy tunes that appealed to the disenfranchised youth of the 2000s. With The Black Parade, they became something much bigger, creating a full-on rock opera that most consider the greatest achievement of MCR’s career. My Chem even performed “Welcome to the Black Parade” with Queen’s Brian May.

Green Day are the kings of pop punk, but when Billie Joe Armstrong dawns his royal cloak and crown during “King for a Day,” he’s channeling the spirit of Freddie Mercury. The getup is one of the reasons Billie Joe is the most larger-than-life frontman in pop punk, and fans can thank Queen’s iconic 1986 concert at Wembley for being the blueprint of the perfect rock show.

Panic! at the Disco took a similar path to MCR and Green Day, ascending to massive success by creating anthemic stadium cuts. Brendon Urie was originally the emo protege of Pete Wentz, but became his own superstar as PATD grew. Panic are now an arena band, thanks to theatrical pieces like “Nine in the Afternoon.”

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