Both Lonesome Buck Brewing locations in Northern Colorado have closed their doors for good according to their website. The highly-rated location in Windsor at 1294 Main Street and the second location in Greeley at 819 9th Street have served their last patrons.

Lonesome Buck Brewery and Smokehouse
Facebook/Lonesome Buck Brewery and Smokehouse

Both locations prior to becoming the Lonesome Buck Brewing Company were Stuft Burger bars.

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Lonesome Buck's website said goodbye with a heartfelt message that read:

"Thank you so much for your continued support over the last 10 years as Stuft Burger Bar and Lonesome Buck. Over the years we have received multiple offers to sell our businesses and have declined. With the events of the last year and the unpredictability of this year we feel that it's best for our young families to sell our Windsor and Greeley locations."

The goodbye is written by Jake and Tiffany also said they appreciated the celebrations, dates, kids' nights, lunches, and dinners that customers have spent with them over the years.

Jake and Tiffany will still continue to operate the Stuft Burger Bar location in Fort Collins with the hopes that Lonesome Buck customers will see them there. The Lonesome Buck Brewing staff at the Windsor and Greeley locations have been invited to continue employment at the Stuft Burger Bar Fort Collins location.

Additionally, all gift cards from Lonesome Buck Brewing will be redeemable at the Stuft Burger Bar at the Fort Collins location at 210 South College Avenue.

Some of the most popular items at Lonesome Buck Brewing included the Pulled Pork Sandwich, Hot Smoked Turkey Sandwich, and the Hot Chopped Brisket Sandwich.

Source: Lonesome Buck Brewing Company

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