We are expecting the dry conditions over the winter to bring the possibility of many wildfires this spring and summer. Here's what the Coloradoan has to say.

LAKEWOOD - Conditions are so dry and Northern Colorado has seen so little precipitation during the past six months that Fort Collins, the plains east of the city and the foothills of Larimer County are at least as vulnerable to catastrophic wildfire as the region was in 2002, one of Colorado's most horrific wildfire years in recent memory.

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Here are some ways to avoid starting a wildfire if you are going to be out in nature.

  1. Obey warnings signs and fire restrictions. These are posted at http://www.larimer.org/naturalresources/parkareas.htm This link is for Larimer County Park only.  Know where you are going and find the fire restrictions.
  2. Do what Smokey says!!
  3. Be aware of the conditions. The thought of one spark destroying thousands of acres should be enough to make us err on the side of CAUTION!