We’ve partnered with Tutoring Excellence to bring you Teacher Tuesday – your opportunity to celebrate the very best that Northern Colorado has to offer.

Over the last month, we've received nominations from all over the area. We've selected our six favorites, and now need your help deciding who will win this month's grand prize.

Grand Prize includes:

In addition, each of the five runners-up will each receive a gift card to either The Melting PotRodizio Grill, or Union Bar and Soda Fountain. Not too bad, right?

So, now's the time to step up, sound off, and let us know who your favorite teacher is. You can vote once an hour, so be sure to set that reminder on your smartphone, or wearable, so that you don't miss an opportunity... because the COMPETITION 👏🏼 IS 👏🏼 TIGHT 👏🏼.

  • Kyle Appelhans

    Kyle Appelhans

    Platte Valley Middle School

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  • Megan Santos

    Megan Santos

    Bella Romero Academy

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  • Carolyn Karnes

    Carolyn Karnes

    Rice Elementary School

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  • Juli Romero

    Juli Romero

    Riffenburgh Elementary School

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  • Matthew Norton

    Matthew Norton

    Thompson Valley High School

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  • Sally Wright