Selling a home for $59 million may be the most impossible mission Tom Cruise ever faces.

His home in Telluride is on the market. Amenities aren't the issue. Finding someone who could afford them is.
I mean, really, how big can your buying pool be when the cost is that high? Not only do you have to have dozens of millions of dollars laying around, you have to be able to commute from Telluride, which is close to nowhere. Oh well, if you can afford the house, you can probably afford the jet. And, yes, there is a helipad so you can speed to the Telluride airport to be back in Fort Collins, or L.A. or wherever you need to be, for your Monday morning meeting.

It comes with 298 acres overlooking the entire Telluride valley. Cruise helped design the home back in the 1990's.

The 10,000 square foot home features seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, plus a gorgeous 1,600 square foot guest house.