As we kick off 2022, that means a year of "new" full moons in the sky to gaze upon. Here's what moons to expect to see in 2022.

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Full Moons In 2022

If you're anything like me, you barely remember the big events happening in your life, let alone trying to remember what big events are happening up in the sky. Typically, by the time I see anything about a cool full, or "super moon," it's already too late and I miss it. In fact, I'm writing this story because I missed the first of our full moons for 2022. The "Wolf Moon" happened on January 17th and I completely missed the boat. Or, moon, rather. To help me, and you, from missing any more of these beautiful moons, here are some dates to throw in your calendar.

  • Wednesday, February 16th. The "Snow Moon" will appear
  • The "Worm Moon" will make its appearance on Friday, March 18th
  • Saturday, April, 16th, get ready for the "Pink Moon"
  • Our first total lunar eclipse of 2022, the "Flower Moon," happens on Monday, May 16th
  • Tuesday, June, 14th, it's the "Strawberry Moon"
  • Get ready for the "Buck Moon" on Wednesday, July 13th
  • August brings us the "Sturgeon Moon" on Thursday the 11th
  • The "Harvest Moon" will take the sky on Saturday, September 10th
  • October hits us with the "Hunter's Moon" on Sunday the 9th
  • November brings the "Beaver Moon," another total lunar eclipse on Tuesday the 8th
  • The final Full Moon of 2022 is the "Cold Moon" on Wednesday, Dec 7th

What a great pic. Just amazing. Get those dates into your phone so you don't forget like I almost always do. Break out the telescopes and soak in all of these beautiful full moons in 2022.

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