Trailer: “The Three Musketeers” [VIDEO]
I just stumbled across this trailer for the new movie adaptation of The Three Musketeers.  Apparently this one stars Orlando Bloom and Milla Jovovich, among others.  It looks pretty epic.  Check out the trailer and comment!
Will Pixar’s Next Movie Keep the Oscars Rolling In? [VIDEO]
With the Oscar success of Toy Story 3 fresh in my mind, it occurred to me that I don't think Pixar has ever made a bad movie.  Sure, there were some I wondered about at first (i.e. "A French rat voiced by Patton Oswalt? Really?"), but the final product has always dis…
“Green Lantern” Trailer Released
Several weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly had a cover story about the upcoming comic book movie "Green Lantern." Now, after weeks of anticipation, the first trailer was released.
Starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Martin Campbell, this is one of several movies based on comic book …