Larimer Health Inspections: April 11-17
The Larimer County Health Department is at it again, and i'd like to personally thank them. Two days ago I actually walked out of a restaurant because it was visibly dirty. The Health department checks local restaurants for food safety and cleanliness.
What Are The Laws On Fireworks?
Fort Collins:  ALL fireworks, including sparklers and snakes, are illegal to sell, possess, or use. (Up to $2750 fine.)  Cross the legal lines of city limits, however, and you will see some fireworks stands, my friend.  And last year was the first year that I enjoyed some from Co…
Walmart Gave 75,000 Meals To The Poor
It just sounds right that the largest grocery supplier in the U.S. would take a lead on feeding the under-resourced.  And they're doing it right outside our doors.
Recently, Walmart locations in Northern Colorado were busy with a "Feed the Funnel" party, where store a…