Elitch Gardens

A New Ride is Coming to Elitch Gardens in 2017
Elitch Gardens used to be our go to place during the summer when I was a teenager. We bought season passes and we were there probably 3-4 times a week. By far, my favorite rides were the Mind Eraser and the Tower of Doom. That drop on the tower was the best feeling ever along with sight of the Denve…
Cheap Elitch Gardens Passes If Broncos Win A Game
Not only can you get a free donut from King Soopers the day after the Broncos win a game, but you can also get discounted one-day passes to Elitch Gardens.
The day after a game, if the Broncos win, you can purchase one-day passes to Elitch Gardens in Denver for just $18...
Riders Stranded 20 Minutes on a Roller Coaster at Elitch's
I love roller coasters. They are a thrill, yet you know that with technology today you are safe... At least that's what I tell myself! Although no one was injured, some thrill seekers got a little more than they bargained for at Elitch Gardens in Denver today (May 28th).
Opening Day 2014 for Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park
Denver, Colorado is home to one of my most beloved childhood places to visit, Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park. Are you looking for the opening date for the amusement park's 2014 season? (Along with all of its rides, roller coasters, shows and water park?) Read on.
New Thrill Ride Coming to Elitch's, Brain Drain
No summer in Colorado is complete without a couple trips to Denver to spend the day at Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park! Today (March 6th) the park gave us seven-stories worth of new reasons to come back this summer!

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