Is the ‘American Dream’ Changing?
In a tougher job market and tighter economy, I hear many different stories of struggle and shifting of plans. Many college graduates and young professionals are living with several roommates or even moving back in with their parents to save money.
More Women Are Out-Earning Their Husband
Times are tough for families all throughout Colorado, but the Great Recession has accelerated the trend of women catching-up to their male counterparts in terms of take-home pay.  Traditionally in our nation's history, women have earned less than the men
Bigger Raises this Year?
Want a bigger paycheck? Signs of a stronger economy continue to be evident and now another: bigger raises for 2011. A recent survey was conducted and found that many companies will be rewarding employees with better raises this year. An article from Life Inc has some good news for American Workers:
Auto Sales Up to Start 2011
One more positive sign the economy is turning around, U.S. auto sales are up to start 2011. The nation's automakers saw a double-digit percentage increase in sales for January as they welcomed more traffic to their showrooms.
Northern Colorado’s Economy Is Looking Bright
Northern Colorado's economic continues to be bright as we start the new year! First, Fort Collins makes to the Top 10 Real Estate Market list in the country, retailers saw one of the best Christmas shopping seasons in recent years, and now, local economists say we have had months of job growth!

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