Drew's Video of the Day

Baby Elephant’s First Bath [VIDEO]
I haven't shared a cute animal video in awhile, and that just won't do! So today, let's depart from traditional dog and cat videos, and go for something a little more unique: BABY ELEPHANTS!
People React to Last Night’s Debate…Before It Happened [VIDEO]
When it comes to Presidential elections, I base a large part of my decision-making process on the debates. To me, they're the most telling part of the entire campaign. I feel like you can tell a lot about candidates from putting them on the spot a little more. Some folks, though, already hav…
What If Jim Lehrer Had Been A Better, Stricter Moderator? [VIDEO]
I watched the first Presidential debate with a frustrated, furrowed brow. At numerous times, both candidates just talked over each other, and dragged out the same points over and over again. I feel like they got away with this, in large part, due to the moderator, Jim Lehrer. He just seemed like …

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