Mom Was My Bowling Buddy
Since I've been broadcasting from Chipper's Lanes on Wednesday nights, I've been reminded of some really great memories.  Mostly.
When I was 13, my mom and I lived alone together, and we didn't have a lot of money.  The one thing we looked forward to every weekend was my…
Hilarious Video Proves Dogs Don't Belong in Bowling Alleys
Those who know me know that I have done a bit of bowling in my day. So whenever I get a chance to tie in the sport that I love with my radio show or blogs I try to do it. The video below really struck a nerve because I have actually seen this exact thing happen, and it's absolutely hilarious!
First Place Doesn’t Always Make You a Winner
I am not usually the type of person that gets on a soapbox and preaches about my opinions or about how I think people should act. I have always had one motto, and its simple... Live, love, and smile. Today though, I have to tell you about something that has gotten under my skin a little bit. People …