What's going on?

Check your schools start time before heading out.
As school starts today for Poudre School District, here is a quick recap from an article from the Coloradoan.  Make sure you double check your schools start times before heading out here.
Here is the short list:
Tavelli, Bennett and Shepardson elementary schools' start times have been shifte…
Friends or Seinfeld? The Internet is in an uproar.
The Internet.  Every possible piece of information known by man, available at your finger tips.  The entire universe of knowledge right there in your pocket.  But lets use it for its true purpose.
Which is the better TV show.  Friends or Seinfeld...
Its National Rum Day
If I decide to have an adult beverage, it's going to be a Captain Morgan and Diet Coke (while achieving the perfect Captain Morgan pose).  So I plan on celebrating Nation Rum Day today.  If you would like top join me, here are a few three ingredient recipes to make with your rum from …