When one thinks of famous recording studios, places like Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville are typically the first to come to mind. However, there are many recording studios in Colorado just waiting for you to book to record your next big hit.

Famous Colorado Recording Studios

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While there are quite a few recording studios in Colorado, a couple of them are more famous than others.

You may have heard of the legendary Caribou Ranch, a recording studio that saw the likes of Joe Walsh and many others pass through the doors to record timeless recordings. However, this famed studio has since closed for good after a fire claimed it years ago.

Another recording studio in Colorado that has seen famous artists come through and record popular recording artists is still functioning in a nondescript building in Fort Collins. This studio is called 'The Blasting Room.'

The Blasting Room is run by Bill Stevenson, most well-known as the drummer of punk legends The Descendents. One band that has recorded hit songs in The Blasting Room is the popular punk rock outfit Rise Against.

27 of the Best Recording Studios in Colorado

Websites such as Industry Hackerz and Gem Tracks have ranked many of the most popular recording studios in Colorado, allowing for bands and recording artists to have quite an extensive resource of venues to choose from.

Many of these recording studios are located in bigger cities like Denver, Colorado Springs, and the aforementioned Fort Collins, but studios are also located in smaller towns such as Evergreen, Pueblo, Grand Junction, and even Snowmass.

Take a look at 27 of the best recording studios in Colorado:

The Best Recording Studios in Colorado

Scroll through 27 of the best recording studios located in Colorado.

Check Out Colorado's Legendary Caribou Ranch Recording Studio

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