The Greeley Police Department is warning the community that a man who meets the criteria of a sexually violent predator has relocated to Greeley.

According to the Greeley Police Department's official Facebook page, 38-year-old Benjamin Hernandez is tracked as a sexually violent predator who poses a greater than normal risk to the community after being convicted back in 2001 for sexual assault, submission of a victim by physical force and threat.

Greeley Police Department
Greeley Police Department/Facebook

Benjamin Hernandez is living at 1101 H St. in Greeley, is unemployed and is not listed as having a vehicle in his possession, according to the Greeley Police Department's bulletin.

Hernandez is currently under the supervision of Greeley police community case manager Matt Cauwels.

As per the bulletin, Colorado law requires local law enforcement to notify the community when a sex offender who meets the criteria for “Sexually Violent Predator” will be moving into and living in their community. Local law enforcement has no legal authority to prohibit sex offenders from living in a community.

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As of April 30, 2021, Colorado has 19,971 registered sex offenders living in the state;  among those, there are 424 sex offenders actively registered with the Greeley Police Department. Out of the 353 offenders living in Colorado that have been evaluated and meet the criteria for 'Sexually Violent Predator', 6 of them live in Greeley.

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