Sure, when you buy wiper blades at an auto store, they generally install them for you. When you get them at Wal Mart, you're on your own. Thanks, man.

Dear Kind Wal Mart Employee;

On Friday, February 7, 2020, as I approached my 53rd birthday, you helped me while struggling to install my driver's side windshield wiper.

I was in the Wal Mart parking lot in east Loveland, after making my purchase. The snow was coming down, and I had to replace the previous wiper because I'd bent it while scraping the windshield earlier that week.

Now, I have replaced wipers on this car before without much difficulty, but it seems that this particular high-end brand, likes to make things a hassle.

I was outside that car for five minutes trying to figure out how to get that wiper to hook onto the arm when you saw my struggle and came over offering your assistance. On the bright side, for me, it wasn't easy-peasy for you, either.

Turns out, you have to attach an adapter (which comes in the packaging) to the arm, THEN you can attach the wiper. Why? I don't know.  You attached the gizmo, then the wiper, and all was right again in my windshield wiper world.

After the job was completed, I noticed you walked towards the store, when initially you looked like you were headed to your car. I'm now guessing that you saw me struggling on your way in to start your shift inside the store, then turned back to help me out.

I thank you, again, for helping an 'old man' out on a snowy day. May Karma reach out to you as kindly as you did to me.

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