I consider myself the queen of delivery food— after all, me and most of my Door Dashers are on a first-name basis (looking at you, Taylor). That's why, when NoCo Nosh threw a coupon on my door handle, I was immediately intrigued.

In January 2019, Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland restaurateurs joined together to create an all-new delivery service that would create "a fair and sustainable alternative to the companies that are setting the tone of food delivery nationwide", according to the press release.

These restauranteurs (over 50 of them in the area) have become co-owners of NoCo NOSH, with the help of Jon Sewell, creator of CHOMP Delivery in Iowa City.

According to that press release, "NoCo NOSH began offering delivery services in mid-April with a soft opening and it now has over 20 restaurants active with another 50 waiting to come on the service."

The most important thing they want to accomplish? Keeping the money generated by online delivery in the community, going back into these local businesses, rather than towards a corporation.

Hey, sounds good to this queen. Anyone hungry?

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