A new projection model shows good news for the fight against COVID-19 in Colorado after early predictions showed a scary picture.

At one point, the University of Washington in Seattle predicted a peak of 85 daily deaths in Colorado by April 18th. According to Out There Colorado, they're now saying that Colorado's COVID-19 peak was actually on March 31, when the state recorded 22 deaths.

However, according to Fox 31 Denver, the Colorado Hospital Association is pushing back on the new predictions, saying the new model is too optimistic.

Darlene Tad-y, the vice president of Clinical Affairs for the Colorado Hospital Association, said this to Fox 31 Denver in response to new projections that stated we're past the tipping point of new virus cases:

I worried a little bit that they (IHME) could frankly be misleading to the general public about where our cases our and what we’re seeing, then people will think OK we’re done and then they’ll stop staying at home or they’ll stop practicing good hygiene or they’ll stop wearing masks outside. And those measures are so absolutely important.


With this new prediction model and the president saying there's a "light at the end of the tunnel", we can be sure that we are making progress with this horrible virus. However, what happens next depends entirely on us: Following current social distance guidelines and washing hands will keep this positive trend going.

We got this.

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