Each state has its own distinct culture, from architectural styles to signature dishes. These fads and trends inevitably spread out regionally and beyond, urged along by social media, news coverage, and popular culture at large. But while there are unmistakably shared American trends, individual states show variations -- some subtle, some apparent -- in what their residents favor. When it comes to baby names, regional preferences and rich diversity are apparent even when there are common threads stretching coast to coast. The difference is that while the popularity of different names may change, people who are assigned those names will have them forever.

Today, more parents than ever are choosing unusual names for their children. In 1940, 20% of male babies were given a top-five most popular name in the nation, according to a 2016 report from Goldman Sachs. In 2014, only 4% of male babies were named with a top-five moniker. Researchers believe the internet may have something to do with the shift: Parents now have easy access to name data and can choose a statistically unique name if that is something they value.

KEEP READING: Here are the most popular baby names in every state

Using March 2019 data from the Social Security Administration, Stacker compiled a list of the most popular names in each of the 50 states and Washington D.C., according to their 2018 SSA rankings. The top five boy names and top five girl names are listed for each state, as well as the number of babies born in 2018 with that name. Historically common names like Michael only made the top five in three states, while the less common name Harper ranks in the top five for 22 states.

Curious what names are trending in your home state? Keep reading to see if your name made the top five -- or to find inspiration for naming your baby.

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