Monica Lewinsky knows a thing or two about being harassed. Now, she wants to help others.

The world's most (in)famous (former) intern has unveiled the #BeStrongEmoji keyboard app on Vanity Fair, which she helped develop with a company called Vodafone.

According to People, the emojis "are meant to provide teens with a way to 'communicate support in a bullying situation.'"

Lewinsky says:

Support — whether it’s from friends or strangers — matters. Trust me on this. In today’s world, particularly online and especially for younger people, support — knowing you are not alone — is vital and can even save lives."

The app, which is free, will be available beginning Tuesday, which, not so coincidentally, is World Safer Internet Day.

Considering a recent survey that was conducted as part of this initiative found that 20% of teens have been cyberbullied, this little measure could be at least a step in the direction of ending attacking people in an online forum.

Lewinski Emojis

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