Loveland can be very photogenic. There are great parks, there’s the open spaces and natural areas, there’s the golf courses. The City of Loveland is looking amateur and professional photographers to capture what they love about Loveland in photos!

Matt Sparx
Matt Sparx

It could mean $50 to you. It could mean $100 to you! All you have to do, is head out around Loveland and take some photos and submit them!  It’s the first time that Loveland has held a photo contest like this; it runs until the end of May 2017.

They have five categories that you can submit photos in: Recreation, Landscape/Wildlife/Nature, Open Land and Trails, Golf, and Parks. They’re looking for original, striking photos that convey a love for the city.

They’ll pick winners in each of the categories. Those winners will receive $50. An overall winner will also be selected to win the grand prize of $100. These photos may go into future publications and promotional flyers, as well!

You love Loveland, you love to take pictures. The end of May is coming up! Better get to clicking!  Get the submission details from the City of Loveland - HERE!

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