Sometimes the 'spell-check' just isn't checking as it should. There's always room for redemption, though, and the second try was a win.

Going on near Rock Bottom Brewery in Loveland, they've started a weekly event where they have a beer garden, live music, a cornhole tournament, and more - they call it 'Thirsty Thursday.'

Well, the banner/sign they originally got for the event may have had a couple of cocktails already, as it was missing that second 'T' in 'Thirsty.'

'Go home banner, you're tipsy,' everyone said.

Dave Jensen, TSM

You can see where the cleverness of having the guitar as the 'I' threw the whole thing off.

We'll, just in time for week #3 in Thirsty Thursday, a new sign arrived.

Much better. Now, let's play some cornhole.