Colorado's Department of Health and Environment is reporting another spike of COVID-19 cases in Larimer County, and while cases are on the rise for all age groups, ages 18 to 24 are seeing a 'substantial increase.'

Right now, Larimer County is in a Level 1 phase of reopening, which means the county has fewer restrictions than others (you can see a map here). However, LCDHE says that an increase in cases could set the county back to a Level 2, which 'could potentially impact our restaurants and breweries, places of worship, gyms, and public gathering sizes.'

Restaurant Dining Room Closed Sign

As of Monday, October 5, LCDHE says that the county has three weeks to to reverse the upward trend in cases, or it could be shifted back to a Level 2 of reopening. The county is urging residents to 'step up,' as it claims we have 'become less cautious.'

'Larimer County residents have worked hard to maintain a lower case rate and as a result have reduced illness and death,' said Public Health Director Tom Gonzales in the release. 'However, we can’t let our guard down. I understand we are all tired of these restrictions, but lowering our guard may lead to more illness and further rollbacks for our businesses.'

Additional information on COVID-19 in Larimer County is available here.

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