Kelly Clarkson recently raised the ire of some of her fans when she announced her support for GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, but we’re pretty sure she’ll avoid controversy with her latest bid for support — a PSA through iHeartRadio urging listeners to help out public school teachers.

“Hey, what’s up y’all, this is Kelly Clarkson,” she says in the audio-only announcement. “I want to talk to you right now about helping out a teacher. Our schools today don’t have basic supplies and resources for students to thrive. is an online charity that makes it easy for you to give to a classroom in need. Donate to and pick from over 25,000 classroom requests to fulfill — like musical instruments!”

Clarkson knows firsthand how much of a difference an educator can make in a student’s life — her journey to pop stardom started in seventh grade, when a teacher heard her singing in the halls and encouraged her to join the school choir. That’s a pretty dramatic example, but Clarkson’s story (and the PSA) underscores a great point: most of us have benefited from the support and/or wisdom of a teacher. Listen to the clip below!

Listen to Kelly Clarkson’s PSA Supporting Teachers

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