If the hot summer temperatures have you burning up, just imagine how your lawn feels. Those delicate blades of grass can only withstand so much of the scorching sun before your lawn starts to stress out and possibly die off.

Matt Sparx

Here are a couple of tips to keep your lawn looking green during the hot summer months.

Mow HIGH - A lot of my neighbors in my subdivision have asked me how my yard is still so green. It is because I cut the lawn at the second-highest setting on the mower. Longer blades of grass mean deeper roots. Deeper roots get into cooler soil, keeping your grass less stressed.

Matt Sparx

Watering - You might think that watering more frequently when the temperatures are high is better for your grass. That is not the case. When you water less frequently, but for longer periods of time, your soil has a chance to absorb more of the moisture. Your roots will grow deeper in search of that water when you water less frequently.

I water my yard in the morning at 6 a.m. only twice a week for 30 minutes per watering, per zone. Times will vary per yard due to variables such as water pressure, sprinkler heads, and the number of sprinklers.

Food - fertilizer is an important step in keeping your yard healthy and green. I use organic-based fertilizer simply because I have a tendency to burn my yard with synthetics. With an organic fertilizer, it's pretty much foolproof if you happen to be off by a tad bit or overlap a pass or two.

Matt Sparx

These are just a couple of tips that I have learned along the way. I have been following them and they are paying off quite well. The best part about having a healthy yard is that there are fewer issues and not nearly as much maintenance as there has been in the past seasons.