Jimmy Kimmel
Being on the radio and in the public eye I have had a few different people ask me my opinion on North East Colorado succeeding from the rest of the state to form the 51st state... North Colorado. I try not to give my opinion on such touchy matters, but Jimmy Kimmel just about summed it up for me on national TV last night. 

It was only a few weeks ago that Greeley made it onto Jay Leno. We are moving up in the world as the whole region got a taste of the national spotlight on Kimmel last night.

It didn't take Jimmy long to start his North Colorado bashing as he got into the segment only a few seconds into the show. The jokes included the shape of the state, marijuana, and even comparing the situation to Kanye and Kim's baby.

The video had me laughing pretty hard, and now you know how I feel about North Colorado. You can watch the whole episode here, but the North Colorado part starts at about 50 seconds in.

Here what Jimmy said here...