Colorado is full of some great places to get treats.

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In fact, we’ve got some world class locations.

For example, Estes Park’s own Taffy Shop was named the best candy store in the entire country by USA Today.

Colorado not only has the candy market cornered, but we’ve also got two of the best bakeries in the entire country to boot.

Food and Wine Ranks the Top 100 Best Bakeries

Food and Wine took the time to find the best bakeries in the entire country.

In fact, they went the extra mile and put together a list of the 100 best bakeries you can find in the US.

In the list, you’ll find two elite Colorado bakeries: Tokyo Premium Bakery and Moxie Bread Co.

Tokyo Premium Bakery in Denver, Colorado is Absolutely Fantastic

Yelp // Elle M.
Yelp // Elle M.

Tokyo Premium Bakery is easily one of the best bakeries in Colorado, bringing an awesome Japanese spin.

Food and Wine cites that the bakery’s owner, Manri Nakayama, has given Colorado, “ of the country’s most exacting responses to the wave of modern Asian bakery chains proliferating up and down the West Coast…”.

Here, you’ve got an awesome mix of sweet and savory options along with some fantastic hot drinks.

Alex X. on Yelp loves the savory options:

“Among all the quality pastries and buns, I can’t get enough of this beef curry bun.”

Danny N. also can’t get enough of the place:

“Very good bakery!!! Omg a must is the custard donut and beef curry pan”.

He also says he doesn’t like curry, but it’s so good at Tokyo Premium Bakery that it doesn’t even matter.

That’s probably the best review you could give something.

Moxie Bread Co. in Louisville, Colorado is to Die For

Yelp // Dan G.
Yelp // Dan G.

Moxie Bread Co. has a few different locations at this point, including spots in Boulder and Lyons, but the original is what got the eye of Food and Wine.

They note that all of their offerings provide incredible quality, citing that, “...the croissants are as refined as the loaves and are ruggedly handsome.”

Moxie is well known for their incredible, world class breaks, but it also has a great selection of pastries as well that really seem to capture the public’s attention.

Over on Yelp, Kara H. is in love with this place:

“And the pastries? Just as I had dreamt them to be. Flaky, light, and buttery.”

Not only did Bob S. love his roasted tomato and red pepper soup, but:

“The grilled cheese panini was the best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever tasted”.

It would seem the attention to detail and the focus on using locally sourced ingredients and grains has really paid off for Moxie Bread Co. 

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I'd also like to note that the staff was incredibly friendly and extremely helpful when helping us find what we wanted.
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