There’s been a few different chains that have been making a name for themselves here in Colorado.

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One that’s been absolutely blowing up is Cava, which not only is the fastest growing chain in Colorado, but the entire United States.

Then, of course, there was In-N-Out. The sought after chain made its way to Loveland last year, and some people needed to get their hands on a burger as quickly as possible.

However, an upstart burger chain with a twist will be coming to Colorado, one that has been gaining hype around the country.

Smalls Sliders Will Be Coming to Colorado

Yelp // Jando S.
Yelp // Jando S.

According to Quick Service Restaurant Web, an upstart fast food chain called Smalls Sliders will be making its way to Colorado shortly.

Colorado will be the 18th state the chain will expand to, and will have 10 different restaurants. 

These first locations will likely not be located throughout Colorado. QSR Web notes all 10 units will be located in Northern Denver, as stated in the contract.

However, the company who inked the deal, Mountain Sliders LLC, also targets Northern Colorado, meaning expansion outside of North Denver is likely.

The restaurants are expected to open at some point in 2025.

What is Small Sliders?

Yelp // Rebecca W.
Yelp // Rebecca W.

Smalls Sliders is an up-and-coming chain that is coming out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana that serves cheeseburger sliders (Shocking, I know). 

In fact, the plans for this concept are coming along rather quickly. It began back in 2019, but it has seen rapid growth. Their stated goal is to open 400 locations.

It’s also backed by former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. The future Hall of Famer joined the ownership group a few years back.

Smalls Sliders serves an incredibly simple menu, mostly consisting of the aforementioned Smalls Slider and Smalls Fries.

The slider is touted as one of the best fast food sliders you can get, being served up on a toasted buttered bun with cheese, pickle, and with what they call Smauce. The fries are waffle-style with special seasoning.

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