When the United States issues a travel advisory, who decides which countries to include on the list? It's usually the U.S. State Department. In 2024, more than 200 countries worldwide have been tagged with a travel advisory by the United States, with 10% of counties (19) noted as a LEVEL 4 advisory which means "do not travel."

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A Level 4 advisory indicates the United States government feels they have a "very limited ability" to step in should your safety be at risk. Keep reading for a closer look at which countries worldwide have earned a Level 4 advisory in the gallery below.

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The U.S. Travel Bans 2024

The United States recently removed the Level 4 travel advisory from the nations of Niger and Lebanon earlier this year. The nineteen nations that remain on the list of places Coloradans and Americans should not travel to include the Central African Republic, Burkina_Faso, Yemen, Venezuela, Ukraine, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Russia, Mali, Libya, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Hati, South Sudan, Belarus, Afghanistan, and Burma (Myanmar). We will examine each country in the gallery below and include each advisory individually.

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Why Coloradans Should Stay Away

Risks in these countries range from natural disasters, the risk of natural disasters, threats of violence, war, risk of war, and other factors like food shortages, a lack of medical supplies, or a lack of safe drinking water. Zoom in on all nineteen counties below.

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